Author: Matt Bleasby

FEATURED: IVUE TV Guide closes – OFFICIAL NEWS & Info about what’s next for IVUE.

A sad day for the KODIVERSE – IVUE TVGuide shuts its doors. News on what happens next for IVUE TV Guide & info below. The first think I will say regarding this shocking news is that TeamIvue & the team behind IVUE are hero’s to this community – The time they put into the projects & the amazing work they have given to the Kodiverse & all of us will always be respected by ME & everyone here at TeamKODIUKTV for the time they put into this project I absolutely salute them they are true good guys in this community, This is a sad...

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Dadlife 1.9 – The Family Entertainment Build! – ITS HERE! And better than ever! INSTALL NOW

Dadlife 1.9 is here – And this is a HUGE upgrade – New sub menu’s / new addons / fixes & more. Well its here community, The time has come & Thank you for all your support & feedback this is a very welcomed update with some really cool new features going into this version. The whole submenus have had an over haul & some great new addons have gone into this release. As we gear up for 2.0 this was a much needed update & all I can say is check it out! Don’t worry 2.0 is a month or...

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Nemesis 1.2 – Power / Beauty / Ease – UPDATED & Giving you only the best.

Nemesis has been updated – New addons / New tweaks & lots of updates. Check it out. With full Mouse & Touch support this is the perfect build for your Mobile Devices & Tablets. As well as looking beautiful on the big screen. I run it on two boxes through my house & although I don’t run it in my main living room (Dadlife holds that spot)! It looks amazing on the TV. And with it being such a light build It runs really smooth and fast on all devices including the Fire Stick. I run it on my...

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Quick statement from KODIUKTV / How you can get involved? / Donations & a BIG THANK YOU (Have a read)

Just felt a couple of things needed saying guys 🙂 Have a read if you get a second there’s a couple of subjects here & please give your thoughts in the comments & on our Facebook Group & Forums   —————————————————————————————————   Thank you all for becoming the great community we are! has been such a crazy couple of months but were working hard to bring you more and more & we are so proud of how great this community is becoming. I love being here!   Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the people who...

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Nemesis – POWER / BEAUTY / EASE (AVALABLE NOW) Mouse & Touch!

Nemesis Power/Beauty/Ease is here & ready for you to download now! Introducing NEMESIS - The build designed for your touch & mobile devices. Fanart on the HOVER giving you the nice edge with your favourite shows. Movies pulled from the Featured Section giving you a new selection each week. All the best for the kids widget - Simple & Easy to use makes the little fingers happy. Access to the Kodi UK TV & Maintenance short cuts. We are super excited to find out what you guys think of our second official build – The biggest issue with Dadlife from...

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