KODIUKTV Community Portal – Installation & Details

Introducing the new KODIUKTV Community Portal brought to you by KODIUKTV. This is a must have for anyone’s setup with loads of features and useful tools to keep your kodi setup up to date and running smooth.

The Portal gives you the option to install Kodiuktv official builds. (community builds to follow soon). It also has a maintenance section, a backup/restore tool, add-on installer, Apk installer and loads more…!

Lets have a look at the Kodiuktv Community Portal and what it has to offer

  • On the first install you will get 3 popups, first will be a Welcome popup (Select dismiss the popup wont come back)
  • Second popup will be for settings (if your not sure what you want to keep select continue)
  • Third popup will ask if you want to go directly to the build installation section (if you want to install a build select build menu if not select ignore and the popup will not show again)
  • Ok now we have successfully installed and opened the portal this is what you will see


  • Lets have a look through the sections


This section is where you will install your chosen build from. here is an installation guide as an example of how it works, click HERE!


Another great feature with installing a build from the portal is when there has been an update pushed for the build, you will get a popup notification asking if you would like to update, at this point just follow the on screen prompts and it will complete the update for you.

(KODIUKTV) Community Builds

The latest update to the Kodiuktv Community Portal brings  back the community builds section. if you want your build featured or need a home for your build (including hosting your zip file on our servers) get in touch with the Kodiuktv team from the links at the bottom of this article.


(KODIUKTV) Maintenance

This section is packed with maintenance tools and really has too much to list here! You will get the basic kodi maintenance like clear cache/packages/thumnails/crash logs. Fresh start (this will give you a clean kodi). you can even set the maintenance tool to run automatic on startup or every few days/week/month! You should check out the community portal just for this section alone.


(KODIUKTV) Internet Tools 

This section will allow you to run a speed test (download/upload) on your device using the powerful Ookla Speed Test checker.


(KODIUKTV) Apk Installer

Here you can install different version of the kodi Apk also SPMC (we will be adding more kodi forks soon) We also have a nice list of other streaming applications like cartoonHD, Terrarium TV also usefull apps like es file explorer, STREaM! and DigibitVPN and many more.


(KODIUKTV) Addon Installer

Well this does what it says on the tin! it will give you the option to install the latest add-ons directly onto kodi. These will be the up to date versions and more will be added to the list as and when they get released/updated.


(KODIUKTV) YouTube videos

In this section we will be adding promo videos and various other ones too.


(KODIUKTV) Save Data

This is a great feature to use if you are using add-ons that need a login to use like IPTV, Real debrid, Trakt and others, you can also save what you have stored in your favourites and any advanced settings you may have made to your setup. These things will come in handy if you want to change/update the build you are using without loosing any logins or trakt/real debrid info.


You can also quickly tweak any of the tools in the settings section at the bottom. That’s a look into what to expect from the Portal, We will now show you how to install it.

How to install KODIUKTV Community Portal

First you need to ENABLE UNKNOWN SOURCES in Kodi settings


  • Once enabled go to the Kodi home page and select settings
  • Select file manager
  • Select add source 
  • Select none and type in this url http://kodiuk.tv/repo and select done
  • Select enter a name for this media source and type in kodiuktv and select OK
  • You can now go back to the Kodi home page and select add-ons
  • Select the add-on browser icon
  • Select install from zip file
  • Select kodiuktv
  • Select repository.kodiuktv-x.x.x.zip
  • You will now get an add-on enabled notification
  • Select install from repository and select KODIUKTV Repo
  • Select program add-ons
  • Select KODIUKTV Community Portal
  • Select install
  • You will now get an add-on enabled notification
  • You can now go back to the kodi home page and select add-ons  
  • Select program add-ons then select KODIUKTV Community Portal

That’s it you now have the portal installed. please let us know what you think, have any add-on/apks you would like us to add let us know and we can add them.

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