Bucks Build – Installing Add-ons And Linking Menus


In this guide we will show you how to install add-ons and link them to the main menu on Buck’s Build. This tutorial will be the same on all versions of Bucks Build

First we will install the add-on

  • Select File Manager in the settings submenu
  • Select Add Source
  • Then select none and type in the add-on source url then select done (we have used the one in the pic as an example)
  • Select Enter a name for this media source and type in a name for it then select OK (again the name in the pic is an example)
  • You can now go back to Bucks Build main screen and select add-ons in the settings submenu
  • Select install from zip file
  • Find and select the file that you named earlier
  • Then select the .zip file and it will install the repository/add-on (You will get a popup notification when installed)
  • Select install from repository
  • Find and select the repository you have just installed and select video add-ons / program add-ons depending on what you are installing then find and select the add-on
  • Then press left to bring out the menu and select install
  • You will now get a popup when the add-on has installed

OK you have now installed the add-on we will now show you how to link them up to the main menu/submenu

  • Select Skin settings in the settings submenu
  • Select Home
  • Press right on remote and select Customize menu items and widgets
  • Scroll along to the menu you would like to add the add-on too and press down twice to bring out the context menu on the left(we have chosen movies as an example)
  •  To add to the section submenu select customize Submenu then select Add
  • Select Choose item for menu
  • Select add-on
  • Select Video add-on
  • Find and select the add-on you want to link (add-on in the pic is an example)
  • then select the menu you want to link (we chose movies as an example as we are linking to the movie submenu, you can link the whole add-on if you wish)
  • Select Create menu item to here
  • Select Set label if you would like to change the menu name then select done
  • you can now repeat these steps to add to the other menus. When you have linked all your new add-on’s go back to bucks build main home screen and let it build menu… like in the pic below
  • Once it has finished building the skin menus you will find the add-ons you have linked on the main menu/submenu

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