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We all know COVENANT is by far the most popular Movies & TV Add-on you can install for your KODI setup’s, But we see a lot of people saying there is no HD Sources being displayed in the add-on for some reason, Well heres a fix for it.

The reason behind this is because the amazing development team behind COVENANT often have to keep on top of what sources and links are displayed in the add-on & the forever changing world of streaming can be a lot to keep up with – So when this happens unless you clear the cache and reload the list of available sources you may loose them over time. Hence not displaying the latest & best links for the movies your trying to watch. So run this two second fix & you will be streaming away in no time.


  • Open Covenant
  • Click on tools
  • Click on clear providers
  • Click on clear cache 

Thats it! Easy right! – Now try searching for sources on a movie & you should see an improvement. (after a few searches you should start to see improvements).

We also highly recommend you check your internet provider ‘security’ settings as these can also block certain sites the add-on scrapes for sources. For a guide on how to do this click HERE!

Hope this helps #KODIUKTV

As Kodi user’s we recommend using a VPN. This will help unlock geo-blocked content, unblock sources like sports devil & Primewire/Icemovies and keep you anonymous online. You can get 20% DISCOUNT ON DigibitVPN using the PROMO code KODIUKTV

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Thank you all & Enjoy.