Amazing features the KodiUK.TV community will 💘

We’re reimagining what a modern forum should be for our members & the whole kodiverse, We’ve spent 3 years on facebook with over 60k members. Times have changed, Facebook are killing groups are a crazy rate without contact and proposal! It will be a sad day when this happens to us after the thousands of members and the whole team have put there life and sweat into such a special place! But we have to prepare & live on.

Welcome to our official Community. Hosted safely with its own set of features! But many you will already know from Facebook. Have a look 🙂 Many of you are already enjoying the forums / community app & this is amazing to see over the last few months. But with the crazy censorship on Facebook & big named companies spending fortunes to stop our communities from helping each other & sharing the knowledge we have!

Http:// – Sign in with Facebook in a single click & that’s it your away! All live & updated as posts happen. Just like our Facebook Group. Thanks for being part of it. Have a read on about some of the features that set the KODIUKTV Community apart from your (Standard) forum software. If your an Android User you can grab our Official App from the PlayStore & Get started instantly! IOS were working on. But if your an IOS Developer get in touch! Wed love some help here.

Are you a Kodi Developer? Addon Developer? Builder? Don’t worry! your content is welcome here. We embrace all members of the KodiVerse. Even the ones who people don’t like. Were looking at you TVA 😉

Here are some of the features you can use / explore on our Community Forums !

Conversations, not pages

Why break conversations into awkward and arbitrary pages, where you have to constantly find the Next Page button? We’ve replaced all that with the power of just-in-time loading. Want to read more? Keep scrolling down.

Dynamic notifications

When someone quotes your post, we’ll notify you. When someone mentions your @name, we’ll notify you. When someone replies to your post… well, you get the idea. And if you’re not around, we’ll email you, too.

Simple, but with context

The KODIUKTV Community is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line. Expand context at the bottom and top of each post, and also in quotes, to reveal the full conversation without losing your place.

Born mobile, born to touch

KODIUKTV Community was designed for high resolution touch devices, with a built-in mobile layout. Read or post from your laptop, tablet, and phone in your browser of choice, or our Android App – IOS Will follow! If anyone in our community is handy with IOS Development. Please get in touch!



Selecting a topic title will always take you to your last read post in the topic. To enter at the top ↑ or bottom ↓ instead, select the reply count or last reply date.

topic list click areas in Discourse

Topics above the light red line are new or updated since your last visit. If you have read all the way to the end of a topic, its title will be light grey instead of black.

last visit date shown on topic list in Discourse

Links automatically expand

Want to share a cool link you found? Just paste it in on a single line and we’ll make it awesome. Links to Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, GitHub, Twitter, Flickr and hundreds of other popular websites automatically expand to provide additional context and information.

Trust system

As members become trusted regulars over time, You earn abilities to help maintain our community. Gaining Moderator powers based on Trust level & Feedback.

a badge granting a user more forum control

Community moderation

Flagging system lets the community suppress spam and dangerous content, and amicably resolve disputes on their own without having to wait for Admin / Mods before the posts can escalate! 3 Flags & That’s it comments hidden & has to be reviewed by the Admin team this is something we have begged for on our Facebook community for years.

example of a flagged post

Spam blocking

Comprehensive spam blocking heuristics including new user sandboxing, user flag blocking, and standard nofollow. Built in Akismet spam protection.

example of a spam post

Social login

Easily add Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, GitHub, and other common social logins.

social login buttons

Summarize topics

Use the Summarize button to condense long topics to just the most interesting and popular posts.

a summarize post button


Encourage positive community behaviors through the included set of badges! Giving users credibility to there profiles and wether they can be trusted or not.

a badge for the number of likes a user recevied


Just start typing : and you have access to the complete list of standard emoji!

a list of emoji

Reply via email

When you aren’t active on the website, your notifications will be automatically sent to you via email. Reply via email from anywhere, on any device.

an email reply


For search, the menu, or your user page, use the icon buttons docked at the upper right.

search, menu, and notifications in Discourse

While reading a topic, use the timeline on the right side to jump to the top, bottom, or your last read position. On smaller screens, select the bottom progress bar to expand it.

(If you have a physical keyboard, you can also press ? for a list of keyboard shortcuts.)


Press any

Reply button to open the editor panel at the bottom of your browser. Continue reading (and even navigate to different topics) while you compose your reply; minimize the editor for more room. Drafts will automatically be saved as you write.

collapsing and expanding the editor in Discourse

To insert a quote, select the text you wish to quote, then press the Quote button that pops up. Repeat for multiple quotes.

selecting a quote in Discourse

To notify someone about your reply, mention their name. Type @ to begin selecting a username.

mentioning a username in Discourse

To use standard Emoji, just type : to match by name, or traditional smileys ;)

completing Emoji in Discourse

To generate a summary for a link, paste it on a line by itself. To start a topic with a link, paste the link into the title field.

pasting link to onebox in Discourse

Your reply can be formatted using simple HTML, BBCode, or Markdown:

This is <b>bold</b>.
This is [b]bold[/b].
This is **bold**.


There are action buttons at the bottom of each post:

  • To let someone know that you enjoyed and appreciated their post, use the like button. Share the love!
  • Grab a copy-pasteable link to any reply or topic via the link button.
  • Use the button to reveal more actions. Flag to privately let the author, or the site staff, know about a problem. Bookmark to find this post later on your profile page.


When someone is talking directly to you — by replying to you, quoting your post, mentioning your @username, or even linking to your post, a number will immediately appear over your profile picture docked at the top right. Select it to access your notifications.

notification in Discourse

Don’t worry about missing a reply – you’ll be emailed any notifications that arrive when you are away.


All topics less than two days old are considered new, and will show a new indicator.

new topic indicator in Discourse

Any topic you’ve actively participated in — by creating it, replying to it, or reading it for an extended period — will be automatically tracked on your behalf, and will show an unread post count indicator.

unread topic indicator in Discourse

You can change your notification level for any topic via the notification control at the bottom, and right hand side, of each topic.

topic notification control in Discourse

Notification level can also be set per category. To change any of these defaults, see your user preferences.

So check it out! There are nearly 10thousand of us over at the forums making it a special place for all kodi users to share and build knowledge. This is what the community has always been about. Together we are all TeamKODIUKTV. Get involved & Join us in our true home.

Let us know what you think of the forums! Feedback is key for us here at #KODIUKTV

As Kodi user’s we recommend using a VPN. This will help unlock geo-blocked content, unblock sources like sports devil & Primewire/Icemovies and keep you anonymous online. You can get 20% DISCOUNT ON DigibitVPN using the PROMO code KODIUKTV

Get involved and let us know what you think. We are always looking for new members of the team, Weather you want to get involved in our communities or want to get involved in one of our projects. Please get in contact with us If you are interested.

Join our beta community external to Facebook guys check it out! Would appretiate the feedback

Http:// on any device

Or Android users can download the app from PlayStore just search KODIUKTV