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OK Guys! So here’s some information about the recent events:

So over the last couple of days there has been rumours flying round about add-ons closing down. Communities closing down & Developers walking away! Were seeing miss information all over the place so wanted to clear up a couple of things & make sure everyone is aware of what’s happened. First of all #KODIUKTV isn’t going anywhere!

So it all started with the news that DishTV is filing lawsuits against Zem TV & TV Add-ons for the facilitation and distribution of copyright held content. Now before we go any further we think its a sorry sad world when there spending how ever much money to prosecute a website like TVAddons & Hobbyists like ZemTV & of course many will keep an eye going forward to make there own choices on development. Considering the monstrosities of terrorist attacks happening world wide & corporations scamming billions of pounds by dodging taxes & fees.  But hey! What do we know. Were just Copyright Thieves.

Its completely understandable that dev’s of these add-ons are debating there future’s over these events. I mean your talking about normal people. Not companies. Hobbyists who love what they do with a passion & work crazy hard to provide what they can. So please be respectful of the add-ons closing were talking about people with families jobs & life’s behind there social profiles. But its not the end of the world! Remember the chaos when Genesis shut its doors… When one closes another opens.

Here is the list of what we know so far! (This will be updated as best we can. So please let us know if theres any changes in the comments below or on our official pages CommunityFacebook Groups) Community is key for us here at #KODIUKTV

Phoenix (closed)
F.t.f.a (closed)
Bamf (closed)
Zem (closed live tv) (VOD available)
Silent hunter (content moved to streamarmy)
Deliverence (closed)
Ccloud (speculation)
Salts (speculation)
One128 (closed)
Reaper (closed)
Cerburus (closed)
BOB (issues with NAN site it’s not closed)
Zen (issues with NAN site it’s not closed)
Just for him (closed)
Les be friends (closed)
Skynet ( being phased out)
Evolve (live tv and sport gone. Rest working)
SRTVHUB (being taken over)

It is devastating to see such a huge impact on the community & on the add-ons we love so much. Us here & TV Add-ons haven’t always got along and haven’t always agreed with the way they conduct themselves to the members of the wider community. But I think we can all say that we would never want to see a lawsuit against groups like this.

Now you don’t need to panic. Over the years lots has changed in this beautiful community & now we go through another change! We are gutted to see some of the huge addons going especially the likes of Phoenix. Something that has been part of our community for many years. There’s lots of rumours for other addons. But don’t believe the hype. Wait until you hear news from official sources guys.

And something else to remember, We were all newbies once upon a time! When you see someone asking for help (Hundreds already are) in our  CommunityFacebook Groups then please don’t ridicule or tell them to google it… If anything link them to our site 😉 – NO all jokes aside. Help each other. Keep sharing & together we can grow! That’s what #KODIUKTV has always been about. Community is key! So help when you see someone struggling. Remember where we have all come from.

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Thank you all & Enjoy.