EXODUS – Botnet / DDOS Code found – Here’s some info & Reasoning why! Don’t panic & Check it out! CALL TO ARMS! – #KODIUKTV

EXODUS – Botnet / DDOS Code found – Here’s some info & Reasoning why! Don’t panic & Check it out! CALL TO ARMS! – #KODIUKTV

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3.0.5 update has been rolled out from Lambda & Tvaddons removing the code & removing the option to tick. Problems solved guys! What will we take from this?


UPDATE (EXODUS 3.0.4 Update Pushed) – The Good Fight. (This has literally just gone live so this update is on the way to you now)

(Apologies for any grammar & spelling mistakes will tidy up later) very quickly written.

By keeping this option enabled you help Exodus to protect itself against copy and paste groups. They are jeopardizing the existence of your favourite add-ons with many ways including personal attacks to add-on authors. Causing long lasting damage to the community & could ultimately bring an end to many add-ons as many have already closed. Just think about that before you judge Lambda for doing what he thinks is best in the community although we don’t agree with the methods we can all agree on the motives I’m sure. Read on for more details. 


As I’m sure many of you have already seen theres screenshots & details spreading round Twitter & Facebook communities about one of the most popular addons there is DDOS’ing a couple of Website Url’s & We wanted to share with you what we know for our users to give some understanding in the situation.

What is a DDOS Attack:

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is the “intentional paralysing of a computer network by flooding it with data sent simultaneously from many individual computers. These devices can be phones or PC’s as well as pretty much any device including of course Android Boxes.

What does this affect:

I think its very important for us to make you guys aware that this will not in anyway damage or affect your box or hardware from working as it should & would do normally. There is no virus or reason to worry for the users of exodus so don’t start wiping all your hardware thinking he’s hacking your bank.

Why is this happening:

Anybody who has been part of the Kodi Community understands not only who Lambda is but what he does on a daily and yearly basis in this community, Lambda has been developing XBMC & KODI add-ons for 7+ years. From a time before any major add-ons. He has never once taken donations and has always stayed out of the front line of the community working on his work day in day out giving us all amazing content.

What most of you probably don’t realise is that most add-ons out there (Phoenix for example) use Lambda’s codes & resolvers to work there magic. So before you run off back to the people targeted and believe there rubbish of (There just jealous because were popular) you should remember that without the work that lambda has put into this community over nearly a decade!! None of these add-ons would exist. This is a guy that has NEVER taken donations or made any profit from the Kodi Community & has only given back. I think personally above all he is a hero to this community & if you realised how many add-ons out there rely on his work I think you would all agree.

Without people like Lambda you would have no builds no add-ons & no content. Its literally as simple as that.

So back to topic why is this happening?

People are getting smarter these days, As KODI as became one of the most popular media outlets & media centres available we all have it on our Boxes / PC’s / Phones.

This means all of a sudden everyone wants to be someone in the community, So instead of learning how to develop add-ons & playlists them selves there being shown by people we wont describe how to steal other peoples work.

And yeah you can say “Well its open source its there to be taken blah blah you don’t own the links anyway” When you spend hours every day making your lists developing your add-ons or in Lambda & Exodus’s case YEARS & giving back to the community & Joe Bloggs turns up pressing COPY then PASTE. You get surprised when developers close there addons?

Think about it, How many can you name that have GONE because of people simply copying there work. This Copy and Paste Generation HAS TO STOP I have been involved in this community long enough to see the damage certain groups of people have caused.

They cant write there own add-ons. They cant write there own content. They cant even build a list! or edit code properly to make it look like they have done it themselves. That should tell you something. So when true Dev’s walk away & leave the community sick of the abuse & copy cats what happens then?

Your build would be pointless. and the add-ons wont work. Leaving us all here left a little stuck picking up the pieces.

Some info on the BotNet DDOS Code:

– The Code In Question –

The code was added a week ago according to Lambda on the official Exodus thread on TVA but he didn’t want to add it to the change log due to the fact that these people want attention that’s all they want. This code does not affect the usage of Exodus or the users end experience

The Moral Standing:

So as I’m sure you have all seen chaos has erupted in the community & this is why we wanted to post our thoughts and some info on it, We have to make you guys aware that there is no malicious code or damage intended towards KODI Users or Exodus Users. Many people will have many opinions, But you have to see the damage the copy and paste artists are doing and the long standing damage that it can cause if we all allow it to happen. The attacks are focused very specifically on only a couple of URL’s (You can see in my screenshots above) But at the same time should Lambda have made you guys aware of this before publishing content like this? Probably yes. But you have to see the reasoning’s behind him not doing so.

I think he has now seen a better way of doing this giving users the choice in version 3.0.4 witch gives the users the choice to participate & stand together against these people. Or to stay out of the situation & turn it off.

Something else to think about is that Lambda is one of TV Add-ons lead developers. TV Add-ons specifically threatened any coders on there team with expulsion for adding code that manipulated a users box in anyway or interfered with any other add-ons. So will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

But before you join the witch hunt have a read up about Lambda and his intentions and what he has done for this community, Then ask yourself what happens when he kills all his work? What will the copy and paste artists do then? They cant do it themselves remember. So what happens then? We all loose out.

Statements from Lambda:

The reason for not adding this on changelog is that this would give them what they want, attention.
I am developing add-ons for 7 years, I have very valid reasons for doing this that have to do with MY REAL LIFE SAFETY.
And I am happy this happened, this way I can see clearly who is a friend or a foe for me on this scene

The Code is making web calls to a site, Like all add-ons do, Web Calls to sites. I Care about Playlisters that got attacked some days ago by a group calling them selves Anonymous. These calls are for giving trouble to their circle and there friends.

(These are taken from Twitter & TVA Forums)


Lambda about this his words to us were (I have never asked for Donations in 7years, Only this)

Exodus 3.0.4 has literally JUST gone live we have had word this gives you the choice (See Below)

Our Personal Thoughts:

Lambda did what he felt was right and it is his add-on & to protect users of the Kodi community as well as Listers & Dev’s who spend hours and days and weeks working on there add-ons & content for free for us all to enjoy. Although we may not agree with the methods he’d used to bring attention to this and the community but overall his intentions are good & we stand with them. If you don’t like what he does with his add-on don’t use it. In our opinion Exodus is the best add-on out there & that’s not even mentioning the hundreds of others (including the big boys) who rely on the code he has written and maintained over the years. it would be “sad” if he decided not to share it with the “millions” of users that appreciate the time a sweat he puts into it.

Unfortunately I think also now that the code for this is so public we may see a huge uproar of add-ons including code to DDOS each other & in adding this code he has given the copy and paste artists a way to get back and turning everyone into a DDOS artist. I’m sure we will see this happen over the coming months.

Huge thanks to certain Dev’s we have been discussing with today for the information & details about whats gone on here so we can put this together for you. We hope you all have a little more understanding on the situation & can judge yourself. Be together not the same #KODIUKTV

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Somethings we have to say :

Users are advised to check there applicable laws as to the legality of leaving the tick box to participate ticked. Http://kodiuk.tv does not condone ddos attacks in anyway shape or form. Were simply giving you guys the info about what’s going on.

Get involved and let us know what you think. We are always looking for new members of the team, Weather you want to get involved in our communities or want to get involved in one of our projects. Please get in contact with us If you are interested.

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Take the community into our hands in light of recent closures by Facebook & help us create something special!

Thank you all & Enjoy.


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