From all of us here we want to wish you a Wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year, tell you some facts about the year & let you know whats in store!

We hope the whole community has too many mince pies & drinks way too much beer across the christmas period! But don’t forget to run your maintenance when showing off your shiny box to your friends 😉 haha!

Whatever your doing this christmas make sure you all enjoy the time with your family & loved ones. Thats what christmas is all about! From us all here the whole team Admin / Mod / Dev – Have an amazing time & thank you for being part of our special journey!

We have loved every second since it all began just over 18 months ago. What a time its been! We keep doing what were doing trying to share the best content we can & you guys keep helping each other on the groups & forums! This for us is exactly why we started the site.

What a community has been built here & theres much more to come from 2017 were working on some pretty special projects & there will be some shockers too. But looking back at how it all began is crazy & this is just the beginning for what we have in store!

Don’t forget to spend some time watching all the new releases around the community! Keep an eye on the groups for that stuff!
We stand behind our community (Unlike others)! we are here for you! We want to continue our work & give you guys even more of what we can! Wether thats helping the little guys get seen or guides / builds / community / add ons / whatever really…

Its crazy to think looking at the Facebook Group that is now 42 THOUSAND! members+ that together we have built the best place to go for all your Kodi needs & certainly one of the friendliest biggest most helpful communities on Facebook. To see a community helping each other daily & a team behind KODIUKTV thats passionate & cares about the community is amazing! What a place we have! We hope that continues when we launch our forums in the new year 🙂 we hope you all join us there! Giving us a better place to call home.

Just check out some of these stats for the year we found crazy!

  • On average takes 7.5 Million views a month. Averaging 163k a day!
  • Most people stay on this site for 2 – 3 minutes (just enough time to follow a guide)
  • The repo has been downloaded 95 thousand times in December alone!
  • The Official Builds are downloaded on average 10 – 15 thousand times a month.
  • The Average bandwidth used by KODIUKTV servers & the Builds server per month is 12227.27gb
  • Averaging 183gb of data a day! (bear in mind all our builds are less than 300mb)
  • There are HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of posts created daily on our Facebook group all of which get replied to by many of you!
  • Most people install on a Saturday & Visit the site when they get stuck!
  • Canada is our 3rd most visited from Country behind the USA and of course the UK so cheers to you all (Our Resident Canadian will be happy about this)
  • 80% of people download and install the builds in less than 30 seconds from STREaM! 
  • Facebook sends us 30% of all our traffic! Followed by Google at 27%.
  • PC Advisor & Alphr (Tech Blogs) both listed us as great communities & a resource for all! Amazing to see that.

Crazy stats to think that were just a like minded community! Thank you to every single one of you who is a part of it! Together we shall grow & together we are all #TeamKODIUKTV

To the Devs – Stop fighting amongst each other! Remember why we are all here. This is & always should be a community of sharing, A community that works together for one goal. Work with each other not against! We have no enemies here at KODIUKTV and that will always be the way, We can all bring stuff to the table. Stealing each others content… whats wrong with you! If you can’t write it yourself don’t steal someone else’s work! This is why all the Old School heads are shutting down. Think about the bigger picture & make contact. Most devs won’t mind helping IF YOU JUST ASK!!!!!

To the members – Keep helping each other! Remember over the christmas period there are going to be so many new guys coming for help. So many people who will have picked up a box for christmas for a relative or friend. Don’t belittle. Your not better than anyone because you know more. We were all noobs once we all learn every day & together we can be stronger than ever. Help them advise them and then they will do the same 🙂

To the haters – Well you lot can go F*** yourselves. 😉 ( Were joking have a good Christmas & keep proving were doing something right )

Have a great christmas guys & lets see what 2017 has in store! Were so proud of how far this place has come & looking forward were pretty excited about some of the stuff we have been working on over the last few months! Some exciting projects. With some exciting people at the wheel! Stay Tuned!

If you want to help us? Get in touch! Were decent guys. Always happy to help. Our repo is open – our website is open! Were here to show people good content, Think you have something to offer! Well don’t be shy.

From me & the whole team! Happy christmas & Thank you!