Nemesis – Power / Beauty / Ease – 2.0 – Lighter & Faster than ever! Check it out. We hope you love it as much as we do!

As Kodi user’s we recommend using a VPN. This will help unlock geo-blocked content, unblock sources like sports devil & Primewire/Icemovies and keep you anonymous online. You can get 25% off any package from IPVanish using the checkout code “KODIUKTV”

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OK Guys! ITS Here & its an absolute stunner! We are so excited to hear what you think of this version this we think is the biggest change since the build has had since it was released and will set the foundations for future updates!

If you follow our team on Facebook I’m sure you have seen Matt’s posts regarding the release of this coming up. Well its here & its available now, When we looked at updating the builds for December there was a few issues with the old version of the build that we didn’t want to carry into 2017 with so we got started & deleted the lot.

Rebuilt from the ground up from start to finish the build is now faster and lighter than it has EVER been before. Seriously the performance on this build is stunning! it was always quick but now its even better. The build is packed with content including a stunning SPORTS section giving you access to everything from the NFL to the Premier League & Extreme Sports! Seriously if your looking for sports check it out!

Of course as with all KODIUKTV builds Nemesis is easy to navigate and gives you easy access to all the content you need. Submenu’s are packed with ONLY the best add-ons available right now & clicking each menu item will bring up the retrospective add-ons. We really hope your going to love it. Bear in mind of course with it being a brand new setup on the build that there may be a bug or two found within! we appreciate all your feedback good & bad! Its the only way we can make it better for you!

The build has been completely re written from the ground up! Every addon has been installed from a fresh KODI setup & the build is completely different in terms of performance to previous versions. So baysically theres too much to list here, The only thing in common with 1.7 is the Name!
For users awaiting the much anticipated return of DADLIFE – Keep your eye on the group & forums it will be live later on this week!
Feedback is key for us! so let us know in our community groups what you think of the build & what you would like to see next from us here at #KODIUKTV its been a rollercoaster of a year for us & crazy to see how much our content is enjoyed & for this we say thank you to every one of you here! Together we are all Team KODIUKTV! & What a monster we have created!

Installation Details:

If your installing onto a mouse or touch device make sure once installed you head straight to Settings – Skin Settings – General & Enable MOUSE & TOUCH SUPPORT. (The build works without this ticket for touch devices but makes it even smoother & easier to get about)

If you have a previous version of NEMESIS or are installing over another build MAKE SURE YOU DO A FRESH START BEFORE INSTALLING – We cannot stress how important this is to free up the power of your box from the previous build & make sure you get optimal performance.

The build has been built on KODI 17 (Krypton) and will also work perfectly on Kodi 16+ (We haven’t tested further back) But runs a dream on 17+ so now maybe the time to install the new beta.

1 – Installation via STREaM! By KODIUKTV  (Recommended) Single click install for Windows & Android.

2 – Installation VIA the KODIUKTV Wizard Click here (Second Install method) – Android only.

3 – Installation via ARES Wizard (Under Community Builds) KODIUKTV Builds (windows & android)

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Thank you all & Enjoy.