A quick guide on setting up Stealth Streams on Perfect Player IPTV Application on ANDROID DEVICES

First of course you will need your login details you can get these by visiting the website www.stealthstreams.com and purchase one of the packages.

Then you will need to install the Perfect Player App onto your device from the playstore or sideload if you are using fire TV devices


  • Now you have it installed open the application and select the settings option
  • Then select GENERAL
  • Then PLAYLIST 1
  • Add the Stealth Streams playlist url

http://stealth.swdacs.com:25461/get.php?username=USERNAMEHERE&password=PASSWORDHERE&type=m3u_plus&output=hls     (replace USERNAMEHERE and PASSWORDHERE with your username and password used in the Stealth Streams add-on. )


  • Once you have added the url make sure M3U is selected an select OK and this is what you should have
  • Now scroll down to EPG and select it
  • Add the EPG url   http://is.gd/sstreams then select OK
  • Then you should have this
  • At this point go back out the the settings and the channels and EPG Guide should load just like this
  • That’s it all setup and ready to enjoy


If you find the EPG Guide is not showing on first setup open the menu and select  SHOW EPG