A sad day for the KODIVERSE – IVUE TVGuide shuts its doors. News on what happens next for IVUE TV Guide & info below.

The first think I will say regarding this shocking news is that TeamIvue & the team behind IVUE are hero’s to this community – The time they put into the projects & the amazing work they have given to the Kodiverse & all of us will always be respected by ME & everyone here at TeamKODIUKTV for the time they put into this project I absolutely salute them they are true good guys in this community, This is a sad day for the kodiverse.

so remember guys before you go complaining about what’s happening have a true read & you may understand what is going on. IVUE isn’t dead. Its just closing this side down & opening a new door. Read down for more.

The version of IVUE TVGuide that you have installed on your boxes now 6.0 will cease to work as of NOW. It will no longer work as of the 15th of January, But this is not the end & What does this mean for KODIUKTV Builds going forward?

From now IVUE TVGuide 2.0 will be INVITE only. There will be no PUBLIC release for IVUE TVGuide anymore – The only way for you to get IVUETVGuide now is to be invited to the private group they have setup. And then IVUE3 will be rolled out to INVITED members only.

What does this mean for KODIUKTV Official Builds:

Now obviously the main TVGuide used in all OFFICIAL KODIUKTV Builds is IVUE. So currently this will not work.

Were working with #TeamIVUE Currently & are hoping to have IVUE2.0 Integrated within the official builds in the very near future for you guys to enjoy. All I can suggest currently unfortunately is use Renegades from the TVGuide Submenu (Dadlife & Nemesis) More info to come – Be patient please.

Here’s a cut down version of the official release from #TeamIvue this morning:

First, let me say what a pleasure it is to interact with the members of the iVue community. The majority of users we see on a daily basis are respectful, appreciative and eager to help others. To you we say thank you, we wouldn’t be #TeamiVue without you. iVue was developed to provide the Kodi community with a pleasant, user friendly, epg experience at no cost to the end user. Quick, friendly support has always been part of our mission and as you are all aware, the ADMINS endeavor to provide this on a volunteer basis, 24/7 – 365.

Sadly, we have noticed a rapid increase in the number of users who are none of the above. Those who, mainly in search of financial gain, have decided it’s ok to leech, tear apart and modify the guide for their own gain. Id like to share with you some server figures from 12 Days of January alone

  Unique visitors                  Bandwidth
  Jan 2016 414,614               12911.99 GB

Ivue server is limited to 15Tb so you can imagine in December the host was not amused as we moved nearer 27Tb on a single domain. there is no way iVue carries this amount of users so the xml files are just being used all over the place.

iVue has always been FREE and will remain so. It is this growing minority who are simply abusing the bandwidth we have to offer have forced us to rethink what we do and how we do it. Because of them we are announcing the following changes for iVue TV Guide:

  • The Ivue group and all it’s information, files and links will be deleted.
  • A new group with strict admission rules has been created. Membership will be “invite only.”
  • We will continue to run using a temporary iVue2 config with user and pass integration
  • The new iVue3 will then be rolled out, with updated security, and great new features and will only be released to members.
  • More detailed information will be provided to those who are members of the new group. and of course on the website ivuetvguide.com
  • Website is ivuetvguide.com or the new facebook invite only group is Team iVue

These changes will take effect as of the 15th of January.

We appreciate the builds and custom setups will be effected, for this we apologise but our hands are tied. Please remember and consider the implications when integrating iVue into a build or sales pitch and use common courtesy and ask us if you can do so…….. If you have a Kodi build and would like iVue integrated we will still of course consider this. Same goes for the many many box sellers using the service, We Will consider adding them to iVue but you’ll need to contact the admin team to discuss it.

We did not arrive at this decision lightly, many weeks of discussion and soul searching have gone into it’s implementation. To be frank, the leeches, modifiers, moaners and money seekers have taken the fun out of providing the service we love. Simply put, we have had enough of them. iVue has been around for years, we have some great followers but alas the majority of profiteers vastly out ways them and the grief we receive on a daily basis has just seriously taken the fun out of it all

To those who we leave behind…good luck.



We ask here that all members show respect towards TeamIvue and there decision, This will not have been an easy decision to make.

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