Velocity – Install & Details – The very anticipated add-on from a very respected developer.

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“If you have trouble with movies loading turn off (adfah) in the scrapers section”

The day has come! Blazetamer has been teasing us on twitter for days now with codenames & hints at what was to come! Well in the early hours of the morning UK Time the addon was released to his official repo & from what I have seen so far this is an awesome addon! Certainly this addon is going to be well used! If you aren’t familiar with BlazeTamer then he is a very well respected developer in the kodiverse and is part of the TVAddons community.

Looking at the add-on : The scrapers are working well and it heavily relies on Trakt to really get the best out of the add-on – It was sections for TV Shows & Movies – Within these sections you can see separate sections for Search, Most Popular, Trending, Most Played & Most Collected.

This is certainly an add-on you want to install! Absolutely awesome work! & personally thanks to Blazetamer for the work he has put in here. absolutely stunning as always.

Velocity is a Trakt enabled add-on, which allows you to browse Movies and TV.
While a Trakt account is by no means necessary, it will make your viewing more enjoyable.

Without a Trakt account you may browse and find most any Tv Show or movie you can think of and watch via several hosts, free and premium.

With a Trakt account is where it shines.
Adding your Trakt account by authorizing the Velocity addon to acces it will open a new group of options within the addon.


Want to install Velocity – No problem thankfully SEO-Michael has already don’t a guide for it. (Click here for installation guide)


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