Hi everyone, this is the first article I am writing for KODI UK.TV so hopefully you all find it useful.

Well this Article is going to be about using STREaM! to install a Build into the Windows version of KODI, The main reason I wanted to write this tutorial is that I know sometimes it can be a struggle to get build skins to stick in Windows using the Wizards designed for the Build you wish to install.

STREaM! is a tool developed by AIDYMATIC to make installing builds to KODI a breeze and it does a very good job so find out how to use it for Windows by reading below.

Android Tutorial will be coming soon for those who want it.


Okay so the first thing your going to want to do is to navigate to the following webpage: http://www.aidymatic.co.uk/ You should find yourself on a page which looks like the one below.


Once you are on the homepage for STREaM you need to click the image below STREaM! Beta Windows which will download a setup file to your computer.

The next step is you must navigate to the folder on your computer where the setup file was downloaded to, this is usually in the Downloads folder of your user directory for example (C:\Users\Username\Downloads) the file you are looking for should look like the one below.

Open this Setup file and if prompted to allow this program to make changes to your computer Select Yes/OK, then proceed to install the program by clicking next, the only window that I suggest you interact with is the one shown below and i suggest you “Create a Desktop icon” so that you can easily find the STREaM! program in the future.

Once STREam! has finished installing leave the Launch STREam! checkbox ticked and click Finish as shown below.


Once STREaM! Launches you should be presented with the window shown below.

The first thing I would recommend you do is to click the WIPE KODI FOLDER button, this way you have a fresh start on your KODI installation and this should help prevent any possible problems and conflicts, once you get KODI Wiped Successfully! in the log at the bottom then you can go ahead and scroll through the builds listed and click on the one you wish to install which will highlight it (shown below). We recommend any of NEMESIS, BUCKS BUILD, or DADLIFE which are all official KODI UK.TV Builds and we can provide the best support for these builds.

Now you Simply click the Download Build button on the STREaM! Window and wait for the process to complete, The time taken can vary based on your internet speed and the power of the device you are installing to.


Once the process has completed your computer should automatically open up your internet browser and display the following page (Below) which means the build has installed correctly.

When you next launch KODI you should be greeted with your newly installed Build inside of KODI, in my case I installed my personal favorite build which is NEMESIS and as shown below it is working correctly.


If you have had any issues with following this guide or steps within this guide not working correctly then feel free to create a post on either the KODI UK.TV Facebook page or on the KODI UK.TV Forums and an experienced member is sure to help you out with your issues.

For now Thanks for reading my first Article and I hope it has been useful to you!