Genesis – What does the future hold? Well updates from its developer have been posted today & news from around the net.

OK so as I’m sure you are all aware Genesis has been quite the talking point for the last month or so. We covered the changes and updates in our previous articles & as time goes on we have heard nothing from Lambda or S7eele. Well yesterday that changed.

We see many posts in our Facebook Group asking why Genesis isn’t working or what alternatives we can suggest for that & with Genesis being such a popular addon it has been a tough thing to replace (I still use it daily) but must admit even myself that as time has gone on the links have disappeared and its been easier to nip to Phoenix or Salts to check out the latest episodes.

There has been rumors and hints from the amazing developers behind Genesis that a new addon was on its way & this time its going to be better. What I personally believe is that there working on a new addon BUT that will only host SD (Standard Definition) links unless you have a premium account for something like Real Debrid)

OK Down to it. What’s happening?

Well last month we were told that “Genesis is no longer in active development” We published an article on this with as much detail as we could back in December and I dare say we were right in our predictions.

Yesterday the below was posted on the official GENESIS FORUM.

UPDATE – 05 January 2016

We are receiving a lot of posts reporting problems with Genesis not working as well as it used to or failing to work at all. Some of these posts specifically ask if problems using Genesis v5.1.4 are to be expected or not. These posts are understandable given the situation and I wanted to take a moment to answer ‘yes’ to the question of whether problems are to be expected or not. I also want to take this opportunity to explain to a wider audience that there is simply not much that can be done to help in the majority of cases where problems with Genesis are being encountered. As we all know Genesis has not been updated in quite some time so it is dated, most of the scrapers and/or resolvers have since broken and entire sections are failing as well. The only way to improve the situation so that you are receiving reliable streams is to employ one of the premium services supported. However, you should keep in mind that these could start failing soon as well. As a matter of fact, there is a very good chance that RealDebrid will stop working with v5.1.4 in a month or so. They have implemented a new API and plan to shut down the old one in February. So to summarize and restate in bold print for all to take special notice of:

If you choose to continue using Genesis v5.1.4 you should expect to encounter problems, especially if you are using it without one of the premium services it supports. As explained above, most of the scrapers and resolvers are no longer working. Many people are still using v5.1.4 with great success by utilizing one of the premium services supported, most notably RealDebrid. While the premium services are working well with v5.1.4 right now there is no way to know how long they will continue to work, RealDebrid is likely to stop working with v5.1.4 in the next month or so because of the new API they implemented recently.

It is our hope that this announcement will answer questions many of you out there have and curb the number of posts we are receiving asking why Genesis is not working or if there is anything that can be done to make it work. There will be some cases where something can be done so we still welcome posts BUT if you are having trouble finding reliable working streams and you are NOT using a premium service there probably isn’t much that can be done. One final reminder that RealDebrid will almost certainly stop working with v5.1.4 in the next month or so.

Thanks all!

So what’s coming next? – Heres some rumours from around the net.
Genesis isn’t going to disappear over night, All that’s been said is that there will be no more development and its reached the end of its development cycle this means no new features or work being put into the addon. We are already seeing a demise in the links & it looks like the end is near guys.
Personally I believe were going to see a new Movies & TV Addon that includes more developers and built from the ground up. I think this wil be SD only and if you want or need HD Streams that will require you to pickup something like a Real Debrid account for premium links – This makes sense for them going forward to lighten the load on bandwidth and users. It was either this or adverts… And surely that’s not our first choice (Although id quite happily watch them)
BlazeTamer is a popular member of the TVADDONS Kodi community. In addition to being the core developer of Cliq and 2Movies, he is a member of the Navi-X developer and is well-respected by all.

On December 25th, Christmas Day, BlazeTamer tweeted out a cryptic message for fans:

Its coming….and its on the Warpath

While no info was given then, BlazeTamer sent another message on Twitter yesterday :

Another day closer to “liftoff”.. We will have to Trakt it to keep up..

So what does it all mean? If you aren’t familiar, Trakt is a a movie and TV database that you can access from your mobile phone or sync into Kodi and keep track of what you have watched, Its a great tool if you don’t use it you should! It is used by popular Kodi add-ons like Genesis and SALTs to pull and organize movie/TV data. Whatever “it” is, probably uses Trakt as it’s backbone for data.

Something else being discussed is that two prominent Kodi developers are working in tandem on a brand new add-on. We believe that these hints by BlazeTamer could be hinting that he has been working together with Lambda to develop a new add-on for Kodi! Lambda is of course the Genesis developer & an absolute hero in the community!

Personally I cant wait to see what the next instalment from them is going to be & I’m sure if you think about it you will have the same conclusions as us. All good things come to an end & You have to remember the pressure Genesis is under. How widely adopted it is & How much it is used. I cant think of one other addon discussed as much as this.

Bring it on Lambda! We cant wait!

OK There are quite a few alternatives to Genesis, So even if it did disappear where would you go? Not all are as good but here is a few worth mentioning for sure.

SALTS – Been around for a long time not as feature packed as Genesis but a great backup & full of new content. Not only that but it has just had a HUGE update from TKNorris. So check it our if you don’t already have it. (Installation Link)

Phoenix – Contains a huge amount of movies and tv shows within the lists. Check them out I think you will be surprised how good of an addon Phoenix is not just for sports but also for Movies & TV content. (Installation Link)

123 Movies – A great little movie addon developed by the guys behind the Arez Wizard & Project. Well worth checking out & contains many of the latest screeners and movies from around the kodiverse. (INSTALLATION LINK)

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