Dadlife 1.9 is here – And this is a HUGE upgrade – New sub menu’s / new addons / fixes & more.

Well its here community, The time has come & Thank you for all your support & feedback this is a very welcomed update with some really cool new features going into this version.

The whole submenus have had an over haul & some great new addons have gone into this release. As we gear up for 2.0 this was a much needed update & all I can say is check it out! Don’t worry 2.0 is a month or so away so there will chances are be more updates for dadlife in this time. At KODIUKTV we always make sure everything is kept up to date and working for you.

Lets get down to it.
Yet again we have been blown away with how much feedback & support we have had regarding the build & all our content. We have been working hard from the get go to make sure everything is kept smooth & give you what you want.

If you want to get involved in our builds then you can have your say either in the comments below or on our Facebook Group & Forums. We’d love to hear what you think or if you have a suggestion about our builds or any of our projects for that matter, Were loving the feedback both good and bad! Going forward this is the best way for us to create the best content we can.

OK so now some info on the update:

This time round we have really gone through the build & made sure that everything is working that’s included – Everything is up to date & you have everything you need for the full kodi experience. The Movies & TV Shows sub menus have had a complete overhaul and this see’s 123Movies & Phoenix make there way into the options. As time goes on with the Genesis chaos at the moment people are using other sources. Although Genesis is great for us we have to give you guys the option. And lets be honest PHOENIX is an awesome piece of kit.

Not only that but there are some awesome new addons including the Royal We addon, We have made some big changes to the running of the build & can confirm that yet again we have lightened another 50mb off the build.

As we work towards Dadlife 2.0 (This one is going to be interesting) We are building the build from scratch again & going forward you want to keep your eye on our website & on our Facebook Group & Facebook Page for more info on this. Get involved and have your say about what you want from Dadlife 2.0. We do this for you guys to enjoy!

For people interested in a full change log here it is:

– Installed KODIUKTV Repo
– Installed StealthStreams Addon
– Removed Football Highlights
– Installed Royal We Addon
– Installed new Project Cypher
– Removed Zeus & Repo including links to sub menus
– Removed Match of the Day shortcut to Sparkies from sports.
– Installed 123Movies from Ares.
– Complete Movies Submenu overhaul
– Complete TV Shows Submenu overhaul ( New links)
– Removed TVTunes (Un Mentioned from user side)
– Added Phoenix to movies & TV sub menus (Great Source)
– Uninstalled Unused Repo’s to lighten boot times. (Unused and old Repo’s)
– Tweaked Genesis hosts & time outs order to accommodate. (Updated Sources)
– Ivue TVGuide Skin – Created by one of our amazing members (@rosssimpson)

Thank you to every single one of you for the support on what KODIUKTV has to offer so far! 2016 is going to be a big year for us as we grow! & its down to our amazing members. For that I say thank you personally! This is what KODIUK.TV is about. Creating awesome content TOGETHER with our AWESOME COMMUNITY. We have so much news coming over the next few weeks. With stealth streams going live hopefully this week & in time we will reveal more of what’s to come! Trust me your all going to love it.



If you don’t know how to install then follow the below guides.
Install Methods:
3:Install via Stream ( Android& Windows  (RECCOMENDED FOR WINDOWS)
4:Install the Origins Wizard with ( as the source for your file manager.
WINDOWS SPECIFIC INSTALLATION: We recommend you use STREAM (OPTION 3) above for the windows installation.
Remember guys when the wizards tell you to force close KODI then please give it a couple of minutes on that screen. DO NOT PRESS OK & JUST PULL THE POWER ON YOUR ANDROID BOX or Kill kodi from the android settings) When you power back up you will have the latest Dadlife Installed.
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