Nemesis has been updated – New addons / New tweaks & lots of updates. Check it out.

With full Mouse & Touch support this is the perfect build for your Mobile Devices & Tablets. As well as looking beautiful on the big screen. I run it on two boxes through my house & although I don’t run it in my main living room (Dadlife holds that spot)! It looks amazing on the TV. And with it being such a light build It runs really smooth and fast on all devices including the Fire Stick. I run it on my phone & ipad also.

    Introducing NEMESIS - The build designed for your touch & mobile devices.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for add-ons & features we should introduce good & bad. All of your feedback is taken into account and acted on as we create these builds for YOU to enjoy. So let us know what you like & dislike about the build! On our Facebook Groups  or Forums.

Now some details:

Were working hard to give you the best content we can & keep you informed with everything in the KodiVerse not just out builds. Keep your eye on the website & Facebook Groups / Forums for the latest news.

Some awesome new addons being integrated into the build this time round – Fixed a couple of bugs aswell. Some big removal jobs IE Zeus & RobinHood as there both dead in the water currently. 123Movies has been integrated & theres a new Sports widget linking to woody’s in phoenix so you have easy access to all the UK Sports channels. Full log below. Cant wait to hear what you guys think.

Were working on some awesome new features for Nemesis but cant give away too much yet, Were super excited to find out what you think but wanted to get this service release out for you guys. Hope you enjoy everything were doing so far!


– Installed new Project Cypher
– Installed KODIUKTV Repo (updates)
– 1channel URL Fix. (for people that use it)
– Installed StealthStreams Addon(Sub Based)
– Sports Widget – now linked to Woody UK Sport (Phoenix)
– Removed Robin Hood Repo & Addons (Project shut down)
– Installed 123Movies from Ares (User Demand)
– Installed Ares Wizard
– Removed Zeus & Repo (Project Down)
– Relinked Renegades under TVGuide (Sub Menu)
– Updated Ivue’s addon.ini (For new channel links)
– Tweaked Genesis Hosts & Timeout’s. (improved list & lowered timeout)
– Installed UKTVNow addon TVGuide (Sub Menu)
– Ivue TVGuide Skin – Created by one of our amazing members (Twitter – @rosssimpson)
– Size down again now only a 271mb download. Less than the last update.
Never mind the countless addon updates & little system tweaks to file structure & load times.


1 – Installation VIA the KODIUKTV Wizard Click here (Recommended)

2 – Installation via the STREAM APP for Android or Windows Click Here

Windows Specific Installation:

Although we don’t have a specific guide for windows for nemesis – You can use the STREAM app listed above by just installing onto your windows device and installing nemesis within that, Or you can download the zip file below & follow the linked Dadlife Windows Installation. if you have any trouble with the build or any questions, Then head over to our Facebook Page & Forums

(Click here to download the zip directly)

Click here for windows installation (Dadlife Guide, But same applies with Nemesis) – YOU NEED THE ZIP FILE LINKED ABOVE.

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Thank you all & Enjoy.