We have been asking our community for there top 5 addons for the past week & here’s the results.

So if your a part of our Facebook Group then you will have seen a post about YOUR top five add-ons. We have ran this post for the last week & today gathered up all the votes into a Tally Chart then converted this into the Top 20 Kodi Add-ons chosen by our facebook community & here is the results.

Thank you to all members who supplied there top 5 addons & a massive thank you to Micheal Davies for the installation guides! Take a second to show him some love for what he does for the whole Kodi Community.

1 – Genesis

What else could be number one? This is THE most used addon in the KodiVerse & a true hero for the community, An amazing source of the latest and oldest Movies & TVShows. If you don’t have this installed your seriously doing something wrong. INSTALLATION LINK

2 – Phoenix

This is a great source for live sport in the Phoenix TV & Staael sections with links to NFL, Football (Soccer), NHL, Golf and lots more. You can also find a fantastic section run by Rockcrusher which will be a place you will find yourself going back to again and again for all the content he offers. For the ladies there is ‘Her Place’ which is put together by Blue Phoenix and much more. Definitely one of the first add-ons you should install to any Kodi setup. INSTALLATION LINK

3 – UK Turks Playlists

UK Turks is an awesome addon to have for all your LIVE TV needs. Covering a huge amount of content! This should be right up your list. INSTALLATION LINK

4 – Sports Devil

SportsDevil is a popular add-on with Kodi users due to all the links to live sporting events that it offers. There isn’t a SportsDevil Repository it is just installed as a zip file. Awesome addon for your sports events. (Although some things are blocked by UK ISP) so you may need to use a VPN. INSTALLATION LINK


An awesome alternative for Genesis – Although its been around longer. Great to have as a backup or when your checking for a new released film INSTALLATION LINK

6 – ZEUS

An awesome addon for Live TV & Streams – After its short outage its back & Building more than ever. 100% worth an install INSTALLATION LINK


All these streams are no good without a TV Guide to link them too! This was number two on my list & one of the best addons around I believe. The guys behind it work all the time to improve and link more addons in and if your looking for a TV Guide to help cut the chord. This is the one! INSTALLATION LINK

8 – PROSTREAMS (Stalker Sub)

These guys are a subscription based server at about £50 for the years access with a full stalker account & a fully linked custom TV Guide & Top Class support – If your looking for a cost effective server to cut the chord and guarantee streams that are reliable these guys are the answer for that. Highly recommended from us. FACEBOOK GROUP


Dexter TV will require you to sign in. Use the guide below to install the add-on and then you can go here to sign up. You can also do it within the addon. Awesome IPTV Streams & a really great start if your wanting to add to your TV Guide. INSTALLATION LINK


A Hidden gem in the kodi community – Awesome place for TV Shows (Free) and can pay a couple of quid a month for access to the movies side – No choice of streams and EVERYTHING works. A serious contender. Can even use your login inside Genesis & Have there sources auto play! WEBSITE


The only content that the dev focuses on is the Todays Live Events. Anything else is a bonus. That is straight from the dev so please do not ask about non-working channels. Other than that an awesome addon for the sports lovers. INSTALLATION LINK


BBC iPlayer add-on for Kodi is the go to place for your BBC Catchup. This add-on checks your IP to see if you are in the UK. If you are outside the UK then this add-on won’t work without a VPN. INSTALLATION LINK


Awesome sports addon & highly recommended for any football fan. Make sure you never miss a game again INSTALLATION LINK


A must have really! Great for trailers & shows aswell as general browsing or the odd fails video. INSTALLATION LINK

15 –MUTS NUTS (Currently down)

A great video add-on for your Kodi setups – Simply a must have! INSTALLATION LINK


CCLOUD is a great video addon giving you streams to many channels across the world! All user supplied & from anywhere on the web. INSTALLATION LINK

17 – VDUBT25

The Vdubt25 add-on is not currently being worked on. Most people who install this are looking to do so as it was a good source the Premier League games. If this is the reason your trying to install it then I recommend installing Operation Robocop Ulitmate this has high quality streams from Premier League Pass. Shows you how great of an addon this is/was as its still making it in the top20. The Dev has confirmed he WILL be back. But its a waiting game there. INSTALLATION LINK

18 – NAVI X

A classic for the kodi fans here! been around along time & Still a great source of all sorts but personally find it very messy – has some great lists though. INSTALLATION LINK

19 – 1Channel

A great movie/tv addon, But you may find that some of the sources are blocked by UK ISP’s so may need to use a VPN. INSTALLATION LINK

20 – MP3 Streams

In my opinion (Although it didn’t make my top 5) the best Music addon there is – Has a huge catalogue & almost never fails. Great if your wanting to put the top40 on INSTALLATION LINK


So there you have it! The top 20 addons according to our Facebook Community. Have to say this is an awesome list for anyone really covers everything you need from SPORTS & LIVE TV to MOVIES & SHOWS. & Just to say you will find EVERY one of these addons in all the official KODI UK TV Builds.

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