Nemesis Power/Beauty/Ease is here & ready for you to download now!

    Introducing NEMESIS - The build designed for your touch & mobile devices.

We are super excited to find out what you guys think of our second official build – The biggest issue with Dadlife from the start was that there was no Mouse & Touch support well NEMESIS is here to change that! With full Mouse & Touch support this is the perfect build for your Mobile Devices & Tablets. As well as looking beautiful on the big screen!

Nemesis will give you that darker edge on your Kodi but yet keep the Smooth & Sleek features of all our builds. There are many more widgets involved here with custom sets on pretty much every menu item. YouTube pulling the most popular for example for the main menu.

TV Shows & Movies widgets are where the build really makes life easy. The TV Shows widget is set from your FAVOURITE SHOWS In Genesis & you can edit them by simply heading to TV Shows finding a show you want to add & pressing (C) (context or right click) and selecting “Add to Favourites”

This will then the next time you load the widget display your new show. This works the same way for removing the shows just head to the movie and choose “Remove from favourites” instead. The Movies widget pulls the Featured Movies from Genesis giving you a great selection of NEW & Featured movies each week.

Very similar add-on sets to Dadlife & is working a dream we didn’t think there would be many changes between the addon sets maybe you can spot them?,

Let us know if you have any suggestions for add-ons & features we should introduce just like Dadlife I’m sure the community will have lots to say good & bad. All of your feedback is taken into account and acted on as we aren’t creating the build just for us but for you all to enjoy. So let us know what you like & dislike about the build.!

Cannot wait to hear what you all think of the build. Get it on your devices now!. If you were a part of our Facebook Group then you will have seen some of the sneak peaks on the build over the last few days so head over there to keep up to date on whats new & changing.

Feedback is key for us so please pass any thoughts of the build onto us! We are open to recommendations and ideas completely.

The build comes in at UNDER 400MB so the size is awesome especially for the lighter devices & fire sticks. Nearly 300MB smaller than its counterpart & running very well on the light devices. I have this setup on my PHONE / IPAD / Bedroom Android MXQ Box & Run Dadlife on my main unit in the living room.

The RSS feed is used in Nemesis to give out the latest information on Addons / Sports Events & movies appearing in the Kodiverse, So keep your eye on it and you may be surprised.


The only place to get Nemesis is in the OFFICIAL KODI UK TV WIZARD & MAINTENANCE TOOL

Click here for an Installation guide for installing Nemesis

Windows Specific Installation:

Click here for windows installation (Dadlife Guide, But same applies with Nemesis) (Click here to download the zip directly)
If nemesis isn’t for you then please check out Dadlife our Family Entertainment build AVAILABLE HERE

A personal note from myself (Unfortunately while taking the final zip off for the build last night at 11pm UK time, The Profiles.xml decided to corrupt & remove all of the skin setup & information from the build) Meaning I had to START from SCRATCH “Except Addons” last night & work through the build. This took until well into the early hours of the morning (Around 3:30am) so please be forgiving if you do see an error or mistake.

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Hope you enjoy the build! Remember guys to get involved for more!