Nemesis (KodiUK.TV) – POWER / BEAUTY / EASE – Coming 20th November

    Introducing NEMESIS - The build designed for your touch & mobile devices.


So excited to show you guys the next injection from us! First there was Dadlife just a little over a month ago we were still testing well since then it has been INSANE over here at KodiUK.TV & Its been non stop! First there was the feedback! Loved every second of reading your comments and thoughts in our Facebook Group & Forums. Then we got a wizard online! When then things got crazy & all of a sudden we have a great Wizard & Maintenance tool. Giving builders & users everything they need in one place.

Well we are building an AWESOME Community together. So get involved! We are always looking for new members of the team & to each member of the community THANK YOU. This is exactly why we went public with Dadlife. So that YOU the users can help us create the best content & really push kodi in the direction we see it. Dadlife was just the start & were super excited to hear what you think of the next installment. Together we are #TeamKodiUKTV

One of the biggest hold backs for users with Dadlife was that there is NO mouse and Touch support. Now this unfortunately is out of my hands unless your a modder that can help as the skin limits it here. if so Get in touch please!  We want to offer support for the users that are on the move & the users who are stuck at a desk.

Introducing NEMESIS – For the users – In a way you can call it Dadlifes Alter Ego.

    Introducing NEMESIS - The build designed for your touch & mobile devices.

If you are already part of our community on Facebook then you will have already seen these screenshots. So if you want that insider scoop and first look then join up. We are fully open to suggestions on addons infact many in our addon set were recommended by YOU.

This is where it gets fun! Nemesis has pretty much the same Addon Set that Dadlife has. A few changes here and there. But with Dadlife we are 100% happy with the addons it comes with, We believe we have picked the best from everything without going crazy and filling up with broken and dead addons. Everything is 100% works as it should.

Nemesis is holding that thunder and taking it a step further. I can now confirm that this HAS MOUSE & TOUCH SUPPORT as that was the biggest issue for me with Dadlife. I’m a PC User myself so could always understand the limits but to be honest, We designed Dadlife with the remote & keyboard in mind I personally use a little Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and that’s throughout my house with all my box’s and each one runs Dadlife. Nemesis gives you that option from KodiUK.TV & Still giving you the SMOOTH  & SLEEK design that Dadlife offers.

This will look beautiful not only on the Big Screeen, But on your Tablets & Mobile phones this build really comes to life. Giving you the ease of getting to what you need with Beauty in mind. Don’t want to give away too many of the features yet. So I would suggest joining up with us on Facebook Group & our Forums for more details & feel free to ask any questions you have.

Includes: Live TV / Sports / Movies / TV Shows / Kids & Everything that makes Dadlife so great.

Really looking forward  to hearing what you think of the LOOK of the build. It will be available this Friday so nows your chance for feedback & changes.



Installation as always will be through our official Kodi UK TV Wizard & Maintenance tool. Check it out. If your a builder it has everything you need. If your a user it has everything you want.

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