Looking to watch UFC 193 well KodiUK.TV has multiple ways for you to enjoy.

UFC 193 takes place tonight night in Etihad, Australia and features both Women’s Bantamweight and Women’s Strawweight title fighs between Ronday Rousey vs Holly Holm.

UFC 193 on Kodi: One of the best options to watch UFC 193 on Kodi is Sports Devil. SportsDevil will have tons of links from different providers. The quality will range from terrible (less than 480p) up to 720p if you happen to see a good stream. This can be hit and miss and change on a daily basis, but if you are a UFC fan and don’t care about quality too much, download Sports Devil today and watch UFC 193 on Kodi!

Check out the Zunox.hk channel in SportsDevil, which had UFC 192 in 720p HD format!

Note: Some UK internet service providers have blocked some of the websites within SportsDevil, notably firstrowsports and levity.ru. so if that’s the case you might want to check out the rest of the article. There are many options and personally I wont be wont be watching on sports devil For me it will be Phoenix or on one of my Sub’s

The Phoenix addon is an AWESOME addon for the sports fans also always provides UFC PPVs to fans.  This can be found under the Phoenix TV – Sports – Live Games & Events – Live PPV Events in 480p or 720p. So check that out guys. & of course all of these addon’s are including within Dadlife & all our official Builds.

UFC 193 will be on BT Sports 2 aswell., so if you know an add-on with BT Sports 2, it will be showing UFC 193 on Kodi. Here is a few addons that WE know of supply BT Sports 2.

  • UK Turk
  • Money Sports
  • Phoenix
  • Channel Pear
  • Gorilla Streams
  • ZEUS Live
  • Operation Robocop
  • CCloud

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