The Kodi UK TV Wizard & Maintenance is here & We cant wait to hear what you think.

OK so a few weeks ago we released our first wizard. The Kodi UK TV Wizard was the home of all our Builds & Future builds. Well since then we have wanted more from the add-on & wanted to give more back to you guys who use our builds.
We wanted it as not just a place to install our builds but a HUB for all our community to really get the best out of Kodi & The create a one stop shop for all your daily needs. We have been working hard on the new add-on & through all the testing & changes its now available for you guys to enjoy.

Introducing the KODI UK TV Wizard & Maitenance Tool.

Giving you EVERYTHING you need from Daily Maintenance to Weekly Maintenance & Build tools (For the builders in the community) Here’s what’s involved in the Addon,

  • Kodi UK TV Official Builds – The HUB for all our builds, Dadlife & More.
  • Community Builds – This is where I get really excited, Were opening it up for other builders to have there builds published and reviewed through Kodi UK TV. (Want to get your build in the wizard then GET IN TOUCH via the contact page) Or you can get in touch on our Facebook Page & Forums We will give out more info on this section soon but get in touch if you want to get involved. Or to discuss getting your build into our wizard. All you need to do is drop me a message & the details for your build.
  • Maintenance & Tweaks – This is my favourite part of the wizard – Maintenance is always something that gets discussed in our groups & amongst our community, Well now we have everything for you in ONE place. The Maintenance section contains everything for the builders like me & not only that but everything you need for your daily and weekly maintenance. From Clear Cache to Delete Thumbnails & Packages (This can drastically improve your buffering issues), See the screenshots above for more details. It includes (Special Link options) & Allows you to remove your addon data also. so again an all in one addon not just for installing the builds but for creating them and maintaining them.
  • Backup & Restore – You can now backup your builds & Restore your builds from within the KodiUK.TV Wizard Tool allowing you to be safe knowing your backed up & of course if you have a build yourself you know how important it is to create backups we can assure your safe within the Kodi UK TV Wizard for creating your builds.

One of the great features of the Wizard & Maintenance tool is that when you use it to FRESH START(WIPE) your kodi setup not only will it do the job properly but it will also KEEP THE KODI UK TV WIZARD FOR WHEN YOU BOOT BACK UP ALLOWING YOU TO GET STRAIGHT TO AN INSTALL OF ONE OF THE BUILDS WETHER THATS COMMUNITY OF OFFICIAL (A feature that makes the removal and installation of a new build even easier).

Like the sound of it, Lets get it installed:

  • Open Kodi & head to your File Manager
  • Add a source of
    Name it “Kodi UK TV)
  • Now go to Settings – Addons – Install from ZIP
  • Choose Kodi UK TV
  • Click on the
  • Wait for the Addon Installed Notification

You can view more instructions Here or you can download the zip file Directly.

If you already have the older version of the wizard installed, Then simply UNINSTALL it & Head back to your (Install From Zip) and install the new one from the same place.

That’s it. Once you have done the above you will have the add-on installed & you can view it in your Program Add-ons within Kodi. (The wizard will come as standard with ALL KodiUK.TV Builds & maintenance options are linked under the Settings Sub Menu’s.

Were really excited to release this as a lot of hard work has gone into the wizard and the foundations of what it will provide. We have so much news coming, But were just getting each peace of the puzzle in place so we can release it all for you to enjoy. We have 2 more builds on the way. See if you can guess one of the names? Let us know in the Facebook Group if you figure out the name of our next official build? Lets just say there’s some clues in this article so any eagled eyed viewers should see it 🙂


Personally just want to say thank you to the guys over at GoDevelop For the work they put into the addon & everybody else involved. Testers & Members included. Let us know what you think of the Wizard & Maintenance tool and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Remember the community section is NOW officially open for all other builders. So if you want your build included get in touch & we can give it some coverage too.

Really excited about what were bringing to the table & as a community we are building a really great place for people to share & learn. Get involved on our Facebook Group & Forums. If you have a second give this article a share that would be really appreciated.