So I been dabbling into vpn over the week and kinda looking at what I could get for the least money or even free, some of the free ones where ok. I had good streaming speed to run a movie at 720p and one managed to run at 1080p which I was quite suprised about and this being  they do a free and a subscription service and I would recommend trying it yourself, even the free version is truly enough for streaming in my opinion..,, check there website and reviews on google to make your own mind up.
But as I tend to dabble a lot more into making my own personal library and server to share with my faimly via Plex, I needed something a bit more ooophmm and allow certain lets say “old school ways”
so been looking about and the top two was a hard choice between……………
But  privateinternetaccess pipped it at the post but your saying ipvanish is bigger and got more I.P areas covered and I hear you on that and you done your homework!!  but the old saying goes “sometimes smaller is better” it was more to do with the Dns leak function and kill switch if the connection gets cut off and will stop internet and you don’t get caught with your pants down.
Now enough of being caught with your pants down and smaller is better or vice versa lets get down to cost and lets be honest here that is one the many factors in any purchase.
The price for one month is hardly nothing at a mere £4.77 converted from us dollars and  ipvanish is £6.64,not a great deal but every little helps,well thats what Tesco says!!
Some of the vpn companies I checked will charge a lot more for something the same as what I would pay for pia.
I was a bit dubious with going cheap,as the old saying “buy cheap buy twice”comes to mind.
But I am glad I did, first off I did have some issues “O no you say” !! but because I just recently moved over to Linux as wanted to stop using Microsoft, why you ask, well that’s another story to be told!!
Bascially I entered the wrong information in the terminal I should of read more than just jumping in, but as the website has online chat I thought I give that a whirl thinking I could go to toilet and  make a brew and still be in line,well I was shocked two minutes or so and I was connected and talking to Dave.
so I shall keep this bit brief I told him the errors I got and Dave gave me the correct link to copy and paste into the Linux Terminal and bobs your uncle, sorted and connected so at minute typing this from Paris.
Lastly I did a speed test, now my sky broadband fibre connection is around 30-40 meg.
                               I was quite Suprised to get what I got below, I can say for myself that so far has my vote.
well I hope you enjoyed my review and please feel free to comment and let me know what you think