So the last couple of days there has been screenshots & Chaos in the Kodi Community – Find out the latest on Lambda & Genesis’s future here.

After the release of Genesis 5.1.3,  Lambda (Genesis Developer) left a note for us all that said:

I am also thinking stopping Genesis development.
I can’t add anything to it anymore, they keep breaking everything because of the high traffic it sends.
It is installed by way too many people, and I can’t add anything to it anymore.
It keeps breaking all the time.
So it’s logical killing it and developing a new add-on with a new add-on id.
If the same happens with the new add-on, do the same and the same.

We’ll see

Lambda since then has posted the below:

A year ago this add-on (gotv/gomovies days) had only vkbox as a HD source, all other sources were sd.
People that used the add-on back then where not stupid people that bought a box thinking they are so smart that they fooled paid services like Netflix and can have a Netflix for free.
These users have left this thread and I don’t blame them.
I am considering to do the same too

This add-on has become way too popular and I have to take all the crap of this user base.
This add-on has become something like a “protection” for other add-on developers against this user base lol
It doesn’t worth it anymore.

TVADDONS Administrator s7eele has posted a message in the official Genesis add-on thread:

The thread has been closed while lambda decides on a way forward. Please be patient.

If you want to show your support for the amazing things lambda has done for the community I think having patience as he decides on a way forward would be the most effective and most appreciated way. Do not leave posts anywhere on the forum suggesting the solution is charging a fee of some sort, lambda has gone to GREAT lengths to make it clear that Genesis was free and always would be.

Absolutely the closing down of such an amazing add-on would be a HUGE blow to the Kodi Community & Kodi in general. But don’t panic guys he didn’t say he was going to close it down. Just maybe move onto something else. Now if that’s the case this guy has to be “God Status” in terms of a developer for Kodi so just imagine what he could do if he creates another add-on. So in a way this is kind of exciting! Think of it that way!
No matter what Genesis & Lambda decides, There will be a huge support on the way he decides to take it forward.
Keep your eyes pealed on and our Forums & Facebook Group. We will be making sure to keep you all up to date with the latest on Lambda & Genesis’s Future.