Hi all

well im back again to give my own review on the lastest mobile remote app for kodi.

so with out further ado lets get on with it!!

so ive spent a little time playing with this while making builds,graphic work and being a house husband and helping on facebook and the alike, i must say its rather nice and sleek,presents itself with a wow factor and im one of those guys who likes all things bling.

so first impression are good loads up well and pretty quick on my sony expria z1,The first thing you have todo like kore is set kodi and you phone/tablet.

This is where i got a tad stuck,did the usual add ip and port number and didnt get it to work and thought well this is not a good start….but like many who actually reads the small print


so here is the link for this little add on for yatse to work properly (well on my windows 10).

(On Windows platform you need to have Apple Bonjour installed. (Comes bundled with iTunes or can be installed with: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999 )
– This part is only needed for auto discovery, you can still use manual configuration)

this is a little bit on a negative as i dont like having all these little apps floating about on pc but i can live with it.

so lets get to the part on how do we get this installed,well its no differant to kore to be fair kore is more simple to set up,maybe its just me but anyway here’s the low down on how to do it.

(images used are from when it was xbmc but still same way using confleunce,slightly differant if using a build)



From the home screen of KODI choose System / Settings



Go to Services menu



Activate Expert mode

(Click multiple times on the Settings level (1) press until it displays Expert)


Go to Webserver menu

Activate the option :

Allow control of XBMC via HTTP


(Please keep in mind that the HTTP server of XBMC is not really secure so you must ensure that the XBMC machine is not accessible from Internet or untrusted computer
You should also set a Username and a Password to secure the connection.)


Go to Remote control menu

Activate the option :

Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC

Go to UPnp menu

Activate the option :

Share video and music libraries through UPnP (Needed for streaming)


Go to Zeroconf menu

Activate the option :

Announce these services to other systems via Zeronconf




well that’s it i do hope it was made simple enough,i quite like this app is very pretty and has lots of content and its very well planed out,who knows i might just ditch kore after all.

here’s a few screen shots of the app.


yatse 1
yatse 3