How to FIX IVUE TV Guide (No Program Information Available)

So you have opened up IVUE TV Guide but there’s no program information available? Don’t worry its a 2minute fix! & handy to know for future.

Step 1: Go into System – Addons – Program Addons – Select iVUE TV Guide but don’t click it.
step 2: Press C on your keyboard in you’re using a PC or a Bluetooth Keyboard for your android box, or long hold the 3 lines (options) on your Fire Stick to bring up the menu options and go to Ivue Settings.
Step 3: Set the interval hours to blank and then back out of the settings.
Step 4: Open IVUE TV Guide & let the data load.
Step 5: Go back in System – Addons – Program Addons- IVUE Settings & set the time interval back to 24hrs.

That’s it. All fixed for you.

Bear in mind if you don’t set the interval back to 24hours it will load each time you open the guide (Very Annoying & Time Consuming)

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