Hello all im rick and im going to be introducing hints,tips and tutorials on all thing kodi so with further ado lets crack on…

Time to ditch that android/amazon remote, or if you are like me the pc mouse and keyboard!!

so to start with,we have the well known app called Kore.



Well i have been using this for a while and its ok its simple and does the job,fairly easy to use but its not thee best looking app out there

but given all that,it runs well.

Heres how to get it installed and running.


Once you press next,kore will start looking for kodi media center on your network, if  you dont know how to setup a network ect please refer to your OS system or like me google/youtube or ask for help via facebook ect.


If this step works, you will be able to enjoy Kore without delay. Sometimes it doesn’t work, though, and then you will see an error such as this one



if this happens then kore and kodi needs to be paired.

MEDIA CENTER NAME:- the name you will give to the media center you are using.

ADDRESS:-  In here,you will need to input the ip address of the machine running kodi.

USERNAME:- this username can be set within the kodi settings.

PASSWORD:- this password can be found in the kodi settings as well.

PORT:- the port used to communication between kodi and kore.


so we need to locate the username/password(if needed)

head to system/settings/services/webserver.

the user name should be kodi(default) or what ever you called it yourself.

password usually is never set so should be none.

and the port usually is 80 unless you have set it differantly.


ok still with me so far!!

The next part you will find in Remote control option,right below the webserver option.

make sure to “allow the remote control of kodi from other programs”  option is ticked

and also

allow programs on other systems to control kodi

ok nearly done now!!



Finally and hopfully if all is done correctly,you should be good to go, press on test and if its right you will be presented with this screen.


Now go put that old remote in you man draw!!


(if ya fan of Micheal Mcintyre ya know!!)


I hope that this little guide has helped you get things runing.

next up is the yayse remote (This is something i have not tested,so i shall return in a weeks time)


untill then enjoy #dadlife